Michelob Will Give You Free Beer for Working Out

Get your cardio and a low-carb beer in by signing up for the Ultra Beer Run.

If you've missed taking post-gym selfies, or talking to semi-strangers about your Crossfit workout, or excitedly going through the mile-by-mile breakdown of your most recent training run, then wow, does Michelob Ultra have some good news for you.

The low-carb light beer has just launched a program it calls "Ultra Beer Run," and they're giving a few bucks in beer money to anyone (well, the 21-and-up kind of anyone) who shares a post-exercise selfie, a screenshot from a fitness app, or some kind of workout summary to its MyCooler app. That's enough to get you a digital gift card for $5, which the company obviously hopes you'll spend on more Michelob Ultra.

Time to relax with a cold beer
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"This summer, run, swim, walk, dance, row, or lift your way to ice cold Michelob Ultra," the company writes on the Ultra Beer Run signup page. "Simply show us that you've worked out, and the next round is on us." (And yeah, even though they've used 'run' in the program name, it seems like evidence of pretty much any workout qualifies—although they might draw the line at couch surfing.)

To get the word out about its new program, representatives from Michelob Ultra will be making appearances at popular running spots in New York and Chicago on Saturday, May 15, and they'll be rewarding runners and other active types with free brews and Ultra-branded schwag, and telling them about the Ultra Beer Run program.

"Workouts that end with a 'cheers' are the best kind! As the world begins to safely reopen, Michelob Ultra's Beer Run looks forward to people being active together and rewarding them for doing so with a refreshing beer after a run or workout," Ricardo Marques, Vice President of Marketing for Michelob Ultra, said in a statement.

But AB InBev and Michelob Ultra aren't the only beermakers who are encouraging everyone to run a lap around the neighborhood before ordering that first round. Earlier this year, Molson Coors launched its own low-cal Coors Pure by offering free 12-packs to anyone who completed a running route shaped like a beer bottle.

To enter that (now expired) giveaway, participants had to email a screenshot of their route and they'd get a $15 prepaid Mastercard that they could cash in for a 12-pack of Pure. As AdAge reported, Molson called this—surprise!—its Beer Run campaign. Coors also outfitted a group of athletes with oversized QR codes and sent them to Central Park to offer runners rebates for 12-packs of the new beer.

Although you might've missed your chance for complimentary Coors Pure, there's still an opportunity to score some free Michelob Ultra. You'll just need to lace up your sneakers, change into something sweat-wicking, and get ready to take a post-exercise pic. It's OK if you don't actually talk to anyone about your workout though. That's totally OK.

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