Franzia's New Boxed Wine Costume Is for the Dogs

The human-sized Franzia costume is also back with a sharable upgrade.

Franzia Dog Costume
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Franzia — America's best-selling boxed wine — certainly isn't the country's most upmarket label. But, in an endearing sort of way, the brand has embraced that casual image, including launching an online store with items like a wine-pouring backpack and Franzia socks. They've especially gone all out during Halloween: In 2020, Franzia sold full-body costumes so fans could dress like wine boxes. And in 2021, they upgraded those costumes to literally dispense wine.

So having reached that apex, what does Franzia have in store for 2022? Yes, the wine-dispensing human costume is returning this year (with a small upgrade), but the brand is also turning its attention toward our furry friends. Franzia has teamed with the self-described "dog lifestyle company" Bark on a Franzia costume for dogs.

Billed as "the perfect match for our Human Franzia Halloween Costume" — because who doesn't want to dress like their dog on Halloween — the Franzia "Bark Red Blend" Dog Costume (yes, that's intended as wordplay) is described as offering "plush, pillow-like sides and adjustable Velcro straps to ensure your furry Franz are comfortable." Speaking of which, the costume also comes in three sizes — small, medium, or large — allowing canines of all shapes to partake in the fun.

The costume goes on sale today both in the Franzia online shop and at Bark's site for $20.

And that's not the only collab between Franzia and Bark. If you want an all-year-round, wine-themed treat for your pup, the two brands have also teamed up on the Franzia "Cabernet Slobbernon" BarkBoxed Wine Dog Toy. (Yes, that's more wordplay. I'll let you decide which one is more successful.) This "multi-part toy includes an outer box, a grunt squeaker inside and a t-shirt rope," according to Franzia, perfect for "a strong pour of fun at the dog park."

The toy is also available on both brand's websites, priced at $15.

Franzia Dog Costume

Finally, the Franzia Wine Box Costume for people is back again in either a Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay design. It still features "an internal bag that straps around your waist and allows a Franzia wine pouch to fit perfectly for easy pouring," but, as a bonus this year, the costume now has "an added cup holder that fits a stack of multiple cups for you to distribute and share Franzia with your Franz!"

The human costume is priced at $40 and is only available at

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