From sweatshirts to jewelry, Franzia finally has the gear fans are after.

By Mike Pomranz
September 09, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Franzia Wines

Even before boxed wine became cool, it was already cool. Nowadays, drinking wine from a box is trendy because plenty of good wines are finally sold in the lighter, unbreakable packaging. But back when bag-in-box wine was about value and little else, every sale still came with plenty of “I don’t give a damn, I’m drinking my wine in bulk” attitude.

As America’s first and top-selling boxed wine brand, Franzia has long leaned on that latter cachet. And now, the California-based winemaker is doubling down that fans of the brand will want to literally wear their love of Franzia on their sleeve—offering a selection of apparel and accessories on the new Franzia online shop.

“There is a special kind of friendship formed around a box of Franzia that turns friends into ‘Franz,’” Jeff Dubiel, chief marketing officer at Franzia’s parent company, The Wine Group, said in the announcement. “Our goal is to connect with these consumers throughout all of life’s friendship moments by continually offering new ways to interact with the brand. With our line of merchandise, we are giving our biggest ‘Franz’ fun new options for sharing how they are Franzia ‘Franz for Life.’”

Credit: Courtesy of Franzia Wines

Specifically, the brand says that means featured items like “a backpack designed to hold a 5L box with an opening for the pour spout, branded red ‘I Heart Box Wine’ party cups, ‘Best Franz’ paired necklaces, a Franzia cycling jersey, box(er) shorts emblazoned with Franzia boxes, and much more.”

Credit: Courtesy of Franzia Wines

Much, much more, actually! Other items include board shorts, a one piece swimsuit, three types of tank tops, two short sleeve shirts, a long sleeve shirt, and lounge pants. And that’s just apparel! Accessories include a beach towel, a box speaker, a trucker hat, and both athletic and dress socks. Nothing in the store costs over $65. And the brand also writes, “Following this initial launch, Franzia will continue to add new items to the collection.”

It’s a lot of stuff, but Franzia says that customers have been requesting merch “for years,” so the brand apparently thinks fans will snatch this gear up pretty quickly. And hey, you never know what you’ll decide to buy after polishing off a five-liter box of wine!