By the end of the year, the famous Austin barbecue joint will open an airstream trailer outside of the restaurant serving coffee and brisket-filled breakfast tacos, says Aaron Franklin. 

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Credit: © Eric Ellis

One of the most famous lines in America is about to get easier to endure. According to Aaron Franklin, a breakfast taco trailer will open outside of Austin's Franklin Barbecue by the end of this year, so fans can snack while waiting several hours to eat his famous brisket. (Even Kanye West can't cut the line, so VIPs, this information is relevant to you, too.)

Texas Monthly reports that the forthcoming 1971 airstream trailer won't have a name, but it will have lots of coffee and breakfast tacos. As for rumors that Franklin Barbecue might be shutting its doors, Franklin adamantly denied them.

"Why in the world would we shut down the one thing that’s made everything else possible?” Franklin told Texas Monthly on Tuesday.

Last year, the iconic brisket spot suffered massive fires, but came back stronger than ever. This year, the restaurant closed from July 30 to August 9, allowing the whole staff to take a vacation, which fueled rumors that they were closing. ("That’s some real TMZ stuff,” Franklin said.)

While Austin has no shortage of breakfast tacos, we're sure the town will welcome Franklin Barbecue breakfast taco truck with open arms, though we're not so sure that the trailer will make waiting in the line that much more bearable—we anticipate an additional line for the trailer on top of the line for the restaurant.

In 2017, Franklin Barbecue launched a preorder website to deal with the issue of lines, launching a pick-up trailer so people could order in advance. There are also servces where you can pay for someone to wait in line for you, which seems like a lot of trouble, but the brisket really is that spectacular.