The pastry chef anounced that he's left his eponymous institutions.

By Lawrence Marcus
Updated May 24, 2017
Francois Payard
Credit: © Getty Images for Vegas Uncork'd

This morning, pastry chef François Payard Tweeted some surprising news: He's resigned from his post at François Payard Bakery and FP Patisserie.

Payard, a James Beard Award winner, has been pastry chef at fine dining temples including Paris's La Tour d'Argent and New York's Le Bernardin and Daniel. From 1997 to 2009 he ran his own bistro on the Upper East Side, which established branches in Las Vegas, Japan and Korea. In 2010, Payard began to build a stable of popular NYC bakeries in collaboration with Marlon Abela Restaurant Corporation.

Payard's break with his eponymous institutions comes as a shock. Reached for comment, a representative provided a brief statement from the chef containing language similar to the Tweets.