It's truly a monument to meat. 
Credit: Best Made Co.

Here are some key things you need to know about Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann. One, he lives on his own private island in Patagonia. Two, he eats steak every day—sometimes twice a day. And three, the man has very, very specific tastes in grills—a fact that was brought to light today, when Best Made Company unveiled the towering monument to meat he designed for them, as part of a new collaboration with the outdoor lifestyle brand (Mallmann was also recently appointed their creative advisor).

The 130-pound, eight-foot-tall iron structure (pictured above) allows home cooks to sear, simmer, smoke, and roast simultaneously—a feat made possible by its stackable cooktops (a grated grill for flame exposure and a plancha-style flat top for more even heat) and overhead rack (that's where the smoking, or gentle roasting happens). Mallmann's grill works equally well with wood or charcoal, which is important when you love cooking meat over an open flame as much as he does. (In fact, he spends so much time at the grill that the smell of burning smoke has seeped so deeply into his clothes and skin it actually causes problems while traveling. Earlier this year, the chef told Esquire that, on airplanes, passengers will sometimes ask to change seats because the smell is so “pungent.”)

While Mallmann's homage to meat and fire is definitely pricey ($2,298 to be exact), most of the other items in his Best Made Company collaboration are in the $300 to $500 zone. There's his foldable Caravan Chair ($348), for watching meat cook from a comfortable distance, his Gaucho Knife ($198), for slicing a flank steak when it's hot off the grill, and his Leather Log Carrier ($328), which is way more beautiful than something designed specifically for carting wood has any business being. But the best item in the entire lineup may just be Mallmann's $198, satin-lined Laulhere Wool Beret (as seen above), complete with a tiny silver campfire pin. Has any man looked more pensive? Has any hat been jauntier?