Thieves Make Off with $675K in Wine, Throw Bottles at Police from Getaway Car

France's Domaine de Rymska Saint-Jean-de-Trézy hotel had its famed cellar robbed twice in two days.

The Domaine de Rymska Saint-Jean-de-Trézy is a luxury hotel in the Burgundy region of France, and it's as well known for its picturesque countryside setting as it is for its well-appointed guest rooms. It also has a reputation for having an extensive wine cellar: if you scroll through the reviews on TripAdvisor, you'll read adjective-heavy sentences describing the wine selection as "exceptional," "breathtaking," or being enough to "make you dizzy."

The Domaine de Rymska's top-shelf wine collection seems to be well-known, which is great if you're trying to attract international travelers, less-great if you're trying to discourage wine thieves. On Monday, an as-yet-unidentified burglar (or burglars) broke into the hotel's cellar and stole an estimated €200,000 ($245,410) worth of fine wines, and were able to get away before the alarm went off.

broken red wine bottle on the floor
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In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the hotel was targeted again—possibly by the same thieves—who smashed the door to the wine cellar and helped themselves to an estimated €350,000 ($429,596) worth of grands crus Burgundy wines. The hotel's owner woke up during the break-in, and ran to his car to follow the perpetrators as they sped away from the property.

The owner called the cops while he was in pursuit, and they joined the chase. According to The Guardian, when the thieves noticed the police, they started throwing bottles of wine at the officers' windshields. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, they missed. Repeatedly.)

The chase came to an abrupt end when the van crashed into a toll barrier on the A6 Autoroute du Soleil, roughly 22 miles outside of the city of Lyon. The three suspects jumped out and fled on foot, leaving their van and their high-dollar haul behind. As of this writing, the police have launched a manhunt, but suspects have not yet been apprehended.

We'd like to think that the Domaine de Rymska Saint-Jean-de-Trézy was able to get some of those un-thrown, un-smashed bottles back. We'd also like to think that maybe they're going to invest in a better security system for that wine cellar.

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