He was also watching a movie. Because of course.
France Driver Foie Gras
Credit: Tom Merton/Getty Images

When the French government recently announced a crackdown on cellphone use by drivers, it wasn't prepared for this somewhat different case. Yesterday, reports The Local, a driver in the western town of Laval was pulled over by police, caught in the act eating a plate of foie gras on toast behind the wheel of the moving car.

Coming off the heels of France's recent foie gras shortage, it's possible the man might simply be catching up on a missed French holiday tradition, or savoring the slightly-more-expensive-than-usual national delicacy in as private a setting as he could find (on the go)—which, to be clear, is not a valid reason to put the road at risk. But while the motive behind the moving violation remains unclear, it also turns out that the driver was not just eating a plate of foie gras and toast while driving, but doing it all while watching a movie on his laptop, which is really not the way to do it.

While eating behind the wheel is not technically illegal in France, provided the driver is in control of the vehicle, the combination of elaborate meal and mobile movie screening landed him a "driving in a dangerous position" citation, and a fine of 750 Euros (About $930), which probably cost a lot more than the controversial, duck liver-based dish. He was, however, not actually arrested, but allowed to leave in his vehicle (whether he kept the foie gras is unclear).

French as the whole story could sound, it's worth noting that the driver was actually Russian. Hey, at least he wasn't in California, where the delicacy has been banned, unbanned, and banned again.