We're shocked it took Apple this long to do a takeout container emoji. 
new food emojis from apple
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

Finally, you can ask your roommate if she wants to get in on your takeout order without the extreme hassle of using words.

Apple is launching hundreds of new emojis next week for iPhones and iPads, many of them "more emotive" updates of already-existing emojis and 26 of them are brand new. Four of the new emojis are food-related, and we suspect they'll rise the ranks to our "frequently used" emoji section in a matter of hours. A takeout container, a pie, a dumpling and a head of broccoli will soon be available as little images to text or add to your Tinder profile. Plus, we're now another step closer to living in a world where you can order all of your food via emoji.

There are also some new emoji additions that we ... would have lived long, happy lives without having, but we're sure someone out there will make frequent use of the new curling emoji and wizard emoji.

Since September, Butterball has been lobbying for a turkey emoji, but sadly their pleas were ignored in this current update. (While bird turkey emoji already exists, there isn't yet one of a dead, roasted one.) According to Butterball, in responding to over 8,300 texts last year, its experts ended up texting back the words "turkey" and "frozen turkey" over 5,000 times, so they decided to theUnicode Consortium for a "Thanksgiving turkey" emoji. Butterball even launched a petition on Change.org : "Make the Thanksgiving Turkey Emoji."

Apple's new emojis will debut in next week's developer and public beta previews of iOS 11.1.