Here are America's food and beverage companies with the highest revenue.

whole foods bought buy amazon recap
In what is arguably its most noteworthy acquisition to date, online retailer Amazon solidified its attempts to sell consumers everything by acquiring the popular yet struggling chain of organic grocery stores despite Whole Foods founder John Mackey’s vocal reactions before and after the deal.  Among the many changes were immediately lower prices on some staple items.
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Each year, our sister publication Fortune takes a look at the 500 highest-revenue-producing companies based or operating in the United States with its Fortune 500 ranking. As with most years, food and beverage brands, manufacturers, and restaurants all make the cut. On the whole, food took a tumble, but some headline-making mergers showed their value on this year's list.

At number 8, Amazon bumps up four spots and officially becomes a food brand with its acquisition of Whole Foods stores in 2017. Beermaker Molson Coors Brewing makes the top 500 with a huge leap from #522 in 2017 to #275 in 2018 after Miller sold its brands and divested itself of Miller Coors back in 2016. Another new addition to the top 500 ranks is Wynn Resorts, which houses dozens of restaurants in its properties, at #447 (previously #558). In the Cola Wars, PepsiCo slips only one spot, while Coca-Cola drops 20, likely due to a lessening demand for sugary drinks. Apparently, though both soda companies have the same issues facing them, PepsiCo has found solutions to that dip in e-commerce and its other product categories like chips and snack foods. Rounding out the list are supermarkets and manufacturers of everything from ketchup to cookies.

Here all the Fortune 500 food and food-adjacent brands in descending order:

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