Credit: © Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive / Getty Images

Admittedly, most of the punk rock attitude that turned the New York City music venue CBGB into a place of legend seeped out of the brand long ago. The actual venue closed in 2007, leaving behind little more than a cottage industry of T-shirt sales. Still, until Disney opens a Whiskey a Go Go ride, recent news that a CBGB-themed restaurant will be opening in the Newark airport is about as un-rock’n’roll as it gets.

Photos of the still unfinished new airport eatery, as well as the menu, hit Twitter earlier this week. And though the idea of the former punk institution’s name being used to sling everything from $9 deviled eggs to a $42 airport prime rib might sound like blasphemy, multiple sources are reporting that Harold Moore (formerly of Commerce Restaurant) will be the chef behind the operation. So at the very least, the food should be more appealing than those notorious CBGB bathrooms. As for how CBGB became an airport restaurant that will serve “American fare in a fun environment recalling the legendary music venue” to begin with, The Gothamist says that CBGB trademarks “have been assigned to a holding company” – meaning this doesn’t sound like one of those airport restaurant passion projects.

Other important details – like what kind of music the restaurant will pipe in – are still up in the air. However, word is that the airport CBGB may open by the end of the year, so if you’re flying out of Newark this holiday season, you might be able to go check it out. It’ll be just like seeing The Ramones – except instead of choosing to go to CBGB to see the punk band in their prime, you’ll be forced to go to CBGB because your flight is delayed and it’s the only open restaurant in the terminal near your gate! Hey, ho, let’s go!