Amidst a world of snark and waiters insulting their customers' manhood, sometimes you come across a story that's just nice. And the story of Mikey Cole and Mikey Likes It Ice Cream?  It's nice. Cole was born on New York's Lower East Side where he still lives and operates his ice cream shop on Avenue A. Tucked in amongst the bars and bodegas Cole's spot is giving free scoops of ice cream to students who get A's on their report cards. Cole is also doing right by his neighborhood. As a younger man he sold drugs in the area and did a stint in jail, but coming out he wanted to try to do something good, not only for him, but for the area as well. YouTube channel Great Big Story followed Cole through a bit of his day. And if you want to ignore all the Trump stories in your newsfeed and feel nice about humanity for a couple minutes, check out the video above.