Did you realize Kickstarter turns ten years old in a few months?
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Pizza Fork
Credit: Courtesy of Stupidiotic.com

It’s now 2019 (at least according to my smartphone), and clearly the novelty of crowdfunding campaigns has worn off. Kickstarter was launched in 2009 – meaning, incredibly, it will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary on April 28. Once seen as a bastion for independent financing of creative endeavors, often, crowdfunding is just another way for businesses to promote products that, in the past, they would have simply sold through traditional means. And yet, sometimes you’ll come across a Kickstarter that does seem to harken back to those days of yore – the late aughts – like this guy trying to hawk a fork with a built-in pizza cutter.

With just five days left to go, the Pizza Fork is (as of this writing) just $8,834 short of its $10,000 goal to bring a plastic fork with a built-in stainless steel pizza-cutting wheel to all who pledge at least $10 to its campaign. Don’t worry about the fact that, as the site Munchies points out, such utensils already exist, and you can buy one on Amazon for – hey, look at that – about $10 right now. Seriously, don’t think about that. One of the founding tenets of Kickstarter was that it gave people the chance to bring to life projects that didn’t otherwise need to exist, be it your punk band’s new album or your already-invented dual utensil. In many ways, the Pizza Fork proves that the dream of crowdsourcing is alive and well!

So what makes this Pizza Fork so great? “The ergonomic fork handle is injection molded in colorful translucent plastic,” the Kickstarter page states. “The handle design mimics a traditional steak knife with a protective ‘fender’ to safely cover the cutting wheel. This fender design adds to the rigidity and handle strength when slicing. User friendly. Dishwasher safe.” And as an added bonus, the guy behind the campaign, Daniel Morvec, boasts that “I’m the guy that brought you the Pizza Pouch” – a slice-sized plastic pouch that hangs around your neck. So this guy knows novelty pizza products.

If the Pizza Fork somehow hits its all-or-nothing target by the end of the week, then they are supposed to ship by May 2019. Yes, that’s a lot slower than the next-day shipping you can get on Amazon, but then how do you plan on celebrating Kickstarter’s tenth birthday?