We now live in a world where you can own a Cheetos bodysuit.
Cheetos Forever 21
Credit: Courtesy of Forever 21.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have achieved something of a cult food status in the past few years. People have turned the spicy little puffs into the most unlikely food combinations—blended with vanilla ice cream, crusted over sushi burritos, and even whipped up as a Sprinkles cupcake. Chef Roy Choi himself created a Flamin’ Hot menu for the Cheetos pop-up restaurant last year, treating fans to Flamin’ Hot Elotes and a Five-Alarm Cheetos Steak. (Yes, there was Flamin’ Hot dessert, too.) And the Cheetos craze isn’t over yet, either—on Thursday, Forever 21 announced that it had partnered with Cheetos to create a limited-edition Cheetos-themed capsule collection. In other words? We now live in a world where you can own a Flamin’ Hot bodysuit, with bright yellow sandal slides to match.

Forever 21 Cheetos
Credit: Courtesy of Forever 21.

The collection, which launched June 6, includes everything from accessories to swim trunks. There’s a bedazzled orange rhinestone crop top with the Cheetos logo glittering on front, and black lace-up biker shorts; try matching the Cheetos tube dress and baseball cap for a head-to-toe look. If you’re really, really committed, there’s even Cheetos-themed underwear, but we’ll probably stick to the t-shirts. For those who love Cheetos but want a more understated homage to the snack, some items in the collection are simply leopard print or orange, like the zip top backpack and button-down shirts. You can find the full collection in-store nationwide and online at Forever21 now. (Merchandise will be available until inventory sells out.) Prices range from $5 to $30 per item.

Forever 21 and Cheetos aren’t the only brands launching a nostalgic clothing line. Last month, Los Angeles-based swimwear brand Public Space—you know, the designer behind those viral LaCroix swimsuits—released a swimsuit collection inspired by all of your favorite childhood drinks. There’s Hi-C, Capri Sun, and Arizona Green Tea, plus Fiji Water too. One pieces and swim trunks are on sale now on Public Space’s site.