By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 19, 2016
Credit: © Hugo Ortuño/Getty Images

A Jose Cuervo car sounds like the kind of thing you might root for in the Mexican version of NASCAR. But if you plan on buying a Ford in the near future, it may actually end up being your car.

According to The Detroit News, in a unique partnership between the American motor giant and one of the world’s best known tequila brands, Ford is set to start constructing some car parts from a leftover byproduct of the agave plants Jose Cuervo uses to make its tequila. Supposedly, not only will this move help reduce waste, but the resulting bioplastic is both lighter-weight and cheaper than what Ford uses now. The fibrous material, which can be used in car interiors for things like storage bins and wiring harnesses, is reportedly visually appealing as well – though for all we know whoever said that was wearing some tequila goggles at the time.

“It’s as versatile as some of the other components we’ve used,” Ford’s Debbie Mielewski, whose team is studying the agave bioplastic, was quoted as saying. “It really does contribute to less greenhouse gases.” And since the vast majority of these leftovers would otherwise be thrown out, it also provides an additional revenue stream to agave farmers in Mexico.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to say they’re driving around in a car made out of tequila? Though you might want to avoid that exact language if you ever get pulled over by the cops.