A new study ranks the most hardcore fans in the NFL, and what they'd go through to bring home a championship.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated August 14, 2017
Football fans would eat cockroaches
Credit: Hannah Foslien / Stringer / Getty Images

Football fans are notoriously passionate about their sport, and that includes doing whatever it takes off of the field to ensure a victory on the field. Fans are superstitious, wearing only certain t-shirts, socks or underwear on game day, and sticking to hallowed rituals while they watch on TV or in the stadium, hoping beyond hope to influence the outcome. Now, a new study finds that they're willing to do a lot more to help their teams win games if they could—including eat cockroaches.

A research group called Fanatics surveyed sports fans across the country and found that some of them would go to extremes to secure a Super Bowl win: Minnesota Vikings fans, for instance, wouldn’t bathe for an entire year if it meant the team could bring home the Lombardi trophy. They were also the most willing to go through trials and tribulations for their team, saying they would also agree to root canals and gain 100 pounds if it meant a championship. Those faithful to the Jacksonville Jaguars would sacrifice their livelihood, giving up their paychecks, if they could take home the title.

It was Carolina Panthers fans, though, who said they would take the grossest route possible and eat a bowl of cockroaches to help their team win the Super Bowl, as did some followers of the Los Angeles Rams and the Vikings. 40 percent of all football fans surveyed said they’d eat the bugs if they had to. Supporters of the Patriots and Steelers, who have more recently home the trophy, were the least likely to agree to go through any of these trials, unsurprisingly.

Maybe these football fanatics are actually on to something. though: Insects are full of protein and adding them to our diet would greatly reduce greenhouse gases. Grasshoppers are even being sold at Safeco Field now—maybe baseball fans are just ahead of their time.

Here are the top 10 teams from Fanatics' full list of the most hardcore fans in the NFL, ranked:

  1. Minnesota Vikings
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars
  3. Cleveland Browns
  4. Los Angeles Rams
  5. Miami Dolphins
  6. Carolina Panthers
  7. Indianapolis Colts
  8. New Orleans Saints
  9. Buffalo Bills
  10. Cincinnati Bengals