From KFC to Cadbury, these companies are coming up with some unexpected homages to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

Even if you have stubbornly decided that you don’t care about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impending nuptials (which I suppose makes sense—it's all very British and extravagant but that’s what makes it great) I’m positive you haven’t been able to escape it. The world is captivated by this couple—from Markle’s American roots to her father's unfortunate indecision over whether or not he would even show up, almost every tabloid and Twitter feed is soaked in royal wedding gossip. And it’s not only Anglophiles (and pretty much everyone else who loves a fairy tale ending) that are jumping on the royal wedding bandwagon. Food brands have been just as eager to capitalize on royal wedding hysteria as the paparazzi who staged those photos of Thomas Markle reading a picture book about England. Here are nine of some of the most over-the-top, outlandish royal wedding food tributes ahead of the big day:

Tostitos Dip Cake

Tostitos Dip Cake
Credit: Courtesy of Tostitos

I know that it doesn’t exactly look appetizing but check this out: This so-called cake is made up of 42 layers of dip—sour cream, guacamole, queso, the works. I am extremely tempted recreate this monument to snacking at my hypothetical wedding and in the meantime I will be here, fantasizing about sinking a giant corn chip into one of its tiers.

Burger King American Royale

American Royale
Credit: Courtesy of Burger King

The U.K. arm of this fast food chain released a limited-edition chicken sandwich, which is topped by two onion rings. Get it? Because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married.

Dunkin’ Donuts Royal Love Donut

Okay, this one is just a doughnut in the shape of a heart, but weddings are celebrating love so…it works?

KFC Royal Wedding Bucket

KFC Royal Wedding Bucket
Credit: Courtesy of KFC

These embellished chicken buckets are supposed to commemorate Harry and Meghan’s big day, though you might be wondering what chicken has to do with the royal wedding. I’ll tell you what: Harry and Meghan got engaged over a dinner of roast chicken. So please feel free to celebrate the royal wedding with fried chicken without guilt.

Velveeta Crowns and Cheese

Velveeta Crowns & Cheese_Bowl + Box.jpg
Credit: Courtesy Velveeta

Here’s how Velveeta’s limited-edition mac and cheese with crown-shaped pasta made one of our editors care about the royal wedding.

McVitie’s Fudge Brownie Digestives

This British company, famous for its chocolate cookies and orange jelly-filled Jaffa cakes, combined what it’s calling an “American inspired flavor” (because Meghan is American) to create Fudge Brownie Digestives. Sounds delicious, though I would have gone with apple pie.

Cadbury chocolate castle

Royals live in castles, reasoned Cadbury (probably) and people everywhere—whether they love royals or not—love chocolate. So the iconic British candy company built a model of Windsor Castle (where the couple will be married) out of chocolate to unite people who watch royal weddings and people who eat chocolate. That covers pretty much the entire planet, right?

Pink’s Hot Dogs

This Hollywood staple just had to get in on the royal wedding action, but there is pretty much nothing further from the British royal family than a hot dog. So Pink’s stuck two of its famous franks in a bun and congratulated the happy couple with cursive mustard. That’s how we do it in America.


Credit: ODD ANDERSEN/Getty Images

This cup of coffee is the face of marital bliss. The two faces of marital bliss to be exact. Meghan and Harry’s faces. That’s right, someone imprinted the couple’s smiling mugs in coffee foam. Royal family fanatics must be stopped. What’s next? Printing their faces of bathing suits? Oh, wait. That already happened.