Frankly, I despise the word "foodie." It conjures up images of a friend's ex-girlfriend, who would berate him for digging in her fridge whenever he was hungry, indiscriminately eating whatever he found instead of "saving it for special moments." Or I'd think of another friend's brother, who said my friend ate his blueberries "too fast" to really enjoy them. So I felt more than a bit disinclined to like the book How To Be A Better Foodie: A Bulging Little Book for the Truly Epicurious, coming out later this month. But Brit writer Sudi Pigott's book is so over-the-top—its pages are pink and chocolate-colored, to "conjur[e] up delectable thoughts of freshly peeled, plump langoustines and hot chocolate of deep intensity and single-plantation integrity"— I couldn't help but love it. Some favorite, outlandish topics (and their brilliant headlines) that Pigott covers: "Better Foodies simply don't do humble condiments," "Slick oils to be proud of" and, of course, "The Better Foodie's wardrobe: Dressing to disguise and stylishly accommodate gustatory greed."