Twinkies, Ghostbusters, Hostess
Credit: © Hostess Brands, LLC.

Whether you're stoked about the new Ghostbusters movie or think it's an affront to the precious, infallible memory of your childhood, any true fan who ain't afraid of no ghosts can't help but be excited to try all the Ghostbusters-themed products hitting shelves (Ecto Cooler anyone?). Hostess is hoping newcomers and nostalgics have a taste for ectoplasm, releasing these green slime Twinkies, featuring a key lime filling that looks like Slimer has been haunting your snack cake. The Key Lime Slime Twinkies are a limited edition available in grocery stores nationwide, and are already popping up on Instagram.

Ghostbusters will be making its way into theaters on July 15th. Now, we're not condoning sneaking food or drinks into the movies (we just share advice on how to do it), but we can't think of better concessions to enjoy while watching the newest team of jump-suited paranormal eliminators fire up their proton packs than these slimy treats and some green Hi-C. Unfortunately, Hostess hasn't seen fit to create the ultimate Ghostbusters homage: a 35 foot long and 600 lb. Twinkie. As Winston Zeddemore so aptly put it, "That's a big Twinkie."