By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 18, 2016
Building Materials from Food Waste

A wedding is huge day for any couple and their families – but a recent British marriage also paid tribute to a family member that often gets overlooked on wedding days: Mother Earth.

Kim and Dan Woolnough, a couple in their early-20s from Durham, England, planned their wedding with a green focus. They used recycled and secondhand goods, materials and even food. “We didn't want to waste anything so we had to be quite creative,” Kim said according to the Daily Mail.

Catering was handled by ReFuse, a charity that sources all its food from markets and shops that would otherwise have thrown the expired items out. “Some of our guests thought it was a bit weird that we were having out-of-date food for the wedding…but everyone said it was really tasty,” reported the happy bride. Guests ate a tomato and red pepper soup, followed by pasta or a vegetable curry. And in continuing with the zero-waste theme, all the leftovers were given to guests to take home. “The food was all past its shelf life but still perfectly fine to eat,” she continued. “In fact it was delicious!”

Other environmentally-friendly choices included emailed save-the-dates and invitations made from recycled paper, furniture made out of recycled wood that was then returned to the carpenters after the event, and even a set of wedding rings made from recycled metal. The wedding dress was also secondhand: bought off resale site Gumtree for just £80.

Speaking of which, having a low waste wedding is definitely easy on the pocketbook too. The wedding reportedly only cost about $4,000. With savings like that, maybe they can really splurge on their honeymoon. Maybe they’ll fly down to France on a waste fueled plane and drink Bordeaux’s best half-finished bottles of wine!

[h/t Yahoo]