Eating together can be one of the most romantic things two people can do. Choose one of our amazing menus for two, below, to celebrate Valentine’s Day—or any special evening. We also gathered some of our favorite heart-healthy dishes, the best recipes that use chocolate, and recipe photos of our sexiest foods.
Cod with Cockles and White Wine

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Valentine’s Day Menu:

Luxe Lamb for 2

Wonderfully juicy lamb loin chops are a delicious splurge and go perfectly with roasted potatoes. Swirled marble fudge brownies are as beautiful as they are incredibly decadent.

Valentine’s Day Menu:

Romantic Steak Dinner for 2

This perfect romantic menu starts with a down-to-earth and boldly flavored seared rib steak and finishes with a supereasy, velvety no-bake pudding.

Valentine’s Day Menu:

Special Seafood Dinner for 2

Baked sea bass is the center of this dazzling menu that includes truffle oil drizzled over a salad of fennel and plump seared scallops, and a fantastic, silky version of crème brûlée.

Valentine’s Day Menu:

French Dinner for 2

This ultra-romantic meal stars easy, buttery-lemony mussels and tender, rose-colored veal and finishes with a deliciously cloudlike pear soufflé.

Best Rosé Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

Ros’ Champagnes and sparkling wines range in color from pale orange to luminescent pink, from delicate to forceful and almost brawny in flavor, and from fairly affordable to mighty expensive.

More structured and emphatic than traditional Champagnes, these rosé Champagnes and sparkling wines are senior wine editor Ray Isle’s favorites.

Chef Couples’ Most Romantic Meals

The comforts and sensory pleasures we derive from food and love are deliciously similar. So it’s not that surprising that many chefs who work together—in some of America’s top restaurants—are partners outside of the kitchen as well as inside.

Plus: Slideshow of culinary duos describing their most romantic meals.