By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 24, 2016
Credit: © Mar Cuervo

No one likes food waste. Except for artists. Artists like anything as long as it’s art.

Take, for example, Mar Cuervo. For a recent project called “Destroyer,” the Los Angeles–based artist decided to destroy perfectly edible but inherently delicate food items like cookies and jello molds by smashing them with her hand and posting the results as animated GIFs on her website.

So what gives? Is she just a serial Peeps hater? Here’s the explanation she shares on her site:

“As a ritual, I´ve started collecting what I called ‘edible objects’ that called my attention because of their softness and fragility. They were screaming to be destroyed. I used my anger to rise against our society´s fear of the power of anger and against its obsession with perfection. Anger is usually silenced and avoided as an ostracized and negative feeling, but it is probably the strongest feeling we have and the one that make us change things.”

All right, personally, I’d probably recommend taking a kickboxing class or something like that. But if food destruction floats your angry boat, it seems harmless enough.

That is, until Cuervo adds one final sentence that completely lost me. “Destroying this gentle objects is a ceremony where I funnel my inner outrage and dissatisfaction against the elements that create them in the first place,” she finishes.

Whoa. “Outrage and dissatisfaction”? Really? Against the elements that create an ice-cream sandwich? Were you wronged by Good Humor somehow? They seem nice enough. They’re even named Good Humor!