Inspired by Michael Pollan's new edition of Food Rules, F&W proposes our own set of healthy dictums and dishes.

By Kristin Donnelly
Updated March 31, 2015

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Almost as soon as Michael Pollan released his 2009 book Food Rules, with 64 tenets for healthy eating, readers started sending him their own guidelines. So when he began work on a second edition with illustrations by Maira Kalman, out this month, he decided to crowd-source new rules, reaching out to Slow Food members. Some suggestions, like "White bread is only good for picking up glass," were just "too extreme," Pollan says. But there were enough good ideas for 19 new rules. One favorite: "Place a bouquet on the table, and everything will taste twice as good." "It encourages us to savor our food," Pollan says. Following this crowd-sourcing approach, F&W editors came up with our own maxims, and Grace Parisi in our Test Kitchen developed delicious recipes to match.

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F&W's Food Rules

  • » Make your own salad dressing. Eat from root to leaf.
  • » Use a little bit of meat: It can go a long way.
  • » Sneak your own homemade snacks into the movies (left).
  • » If you're craving sweets, eat a small amount of dark chocolate.

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