You Need This Chef-Designed Spill-Resistant Notebook in Your Kitchen

It's a notebook specifically designed to meet your cooking needs.

The Chef's Notebook

If you're the kind of chef or cook who takes great pride in your kitchen tools—if you have the best knives around or if you have specialized tools for just about everything—why not treat your creative process with the same degree of respect? Enter the Stone, a notebook made specifically for chefs by chefs—or more accurately, designed by UK notebook makers Bookblock and a team of folks from the food and restaurant industry. In designing the product, over 40 Michelin starred chefs weighed in on what they wanted in a notebook.

Chef's Notebook

So what makes a chef's notebook different from any other notebook?

  • The paper is literally made of stone—limestone, specifically—which makes it resistant to all kinds of oils, greases, and other liquids. If you get something on the notebook, you can just wipe it off without smudging your ink or staining the pages.
  • The back pages of the notebook are full of all kinds of conversion charts, so it's one-stop shopping. Rather than having to interrupt everything to go look up the conversion you need, you can just keep writing.
  • It lays all the way flat on the table or countertop, so, while you're cooking, you can leave it open to the page you need or jot down a quick note without having to set everything down, open the notebook, and flip to the right page.
  • The pages are perforated, so if you're looking to trade recipes with someone, hand a menu draft over, or otherwise keep things in motion, you won't have to hurt your notebook in the process.
  • There are two magnets hidden behind the back cover to keep the notebook sturdy on steel surfaces.
  • It has a back pocket, so you can keep additional materials on-hand for whenever you need them.
The Chef's Notebook

You can learn more about the Stone at Bookblock's site and order yours at the product's Kickstarter. The basic notebook is £17 (about US$24). If you want, you can pay extra for features like monogramming, leather covers, foiling, debossing, and more.

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