food not food Macaroon
Credit: © Kristina Lechner

Sometimes food just looks to good to eat. And sometimes that’s because it isn’t food. A graphic designer from Michigan, Kristina Lechner has transformed common household items to look like foods you would want to bite into. From noodles to popcorn, even macaroons, her bright and colorful pictures make it impossible to tell what is and is not food.

Her series Food Not Food, uses knick knacks almost everyone has in their home and transforms them into insanely accurate replications of real food. She readily admits that she can’t cook but appreciates the beauty of food, seeing it as an art form.

And her images are works of art. She created macaroons with beers caps as the cookie, cotton balls as the filling and blush and eyeshadow for color. A delicious looking burger is actually made from a bath sponge (the bun), a washcloth wrapped around a few coasters (the burger), a shammy cloth (the cheese) and onion (zip ties). Recently she created nigiri with old-school erasers as the tuna, yarn for the rice and athletic tape as the seaweed. Lechner's Instagram features all of her creations. Find one you love and buy it as a print, card or even an iPhone cover.