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Feeding diamond-clad celebrities at the Academy Awards has become somewhat of a tradition over the past few years. Whether it's to poke fun at extreme award season diets or simply nourish A-listers during the nearly four hour-long telecast (because they're humans and we forget that sometimes), the opportunity to deliver anything from candy to homemade pizza has proven to be a successful (and delicious!) moment of comic relief for assumedly nervous Oscar hosts.

Last night, talk show host and first-time emcee Jimmy Kimmel was no exception. The comedian air-dropped Junior Mints, Red Vines, cookies and doughnuts as if our favorite stars were in the latest installment of The Hunger Games.

This stunt followed last year's Girl Scout cookie bit from host Chris Rock, which ultimately raised over $65,000 in sales. That's a helluva lot of dough.

But no food moment in Oscar history has rivaled that of Ellen DeGeneres in 2014. The reigning queen of daytime used the opportunity to order dozens of pizzas from a nearby joint, making Big Mama’s & Papa’s pizzeria owner and delivery guy, Edgar Martirosyan, an overnight celebrity. He also pocketed $1,000 in tips, which isn't too shabby after also getting to rub elbows with Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence.

Food's role at the after-parties has also become equally press-worthy. California-based fast food chain In-N-Out Burger famously served 1,424 burgers at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2014 while celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who has spearheaded cuisine at the Governors Ball for the past 23 years, claims that hungry celebs enjoy noshing on carb-heavy options like sushi, pasta, chicken pot pie and an array of diet-busting desserts.

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No matter how you look at it, the glamour of couture gowns, designer jewelry and gold statuettes certainly has its appeal, but at the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than satiating an empty stomach.

Celebrities: They're just like us.