Let us be your honey sommeliers. 

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Picking the perfect honey to complement a dish isn't a one size fits all (or one bear-shaped squeeze bottle fits all) kind of thing. Like wine, honey is influenced by its natural environment—its color and flavor are determined by the types of flowers a hive's bees are into. As a result, it can run the gamut from earthy and molasses-colored (buckwheat honey) to pale gold and subtly sweet (clover honey).

That's why we asked Carly Stein, founder of Beekeeper's Naturals—a company specializing in raw, sustainable honey and pollens—to give us the rundown on which particular honey to pair with everything from fresh fruit and cocktails to salads and roasted salmon. Read on for her tips.

greek yogurt
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If You're Eating: Greek yogurt, grilled fruit
Try: Wildflower Honey
Carly Says: "This honey is like a little spoonful of springtime. Its delicate floral notes really come to life when drizzled over a bowl of warm grilled peaches, Greek yogurt, and a bit of fresh mint—pure heaven. The addition of the mint garnish really amplifies the refreshing herbaceous qualities in this special varietal."
Pro Tip: Carly also recommends stirring some wildflower honey into a gin cocktail or lavender lemonade.

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  • If You're Eating: Avocados
  • Try: Cacao Honey
  • Carly Says: The honey entrepreneur's version of this superfood blend ($25 at beekeepersnaturals.com) features raw honey mixed with organic Ecuadorian cacao. She drizzles it over avocados when she's in the mood for "a sweet and healthy treat."
  • Pro Tip: Pairing chocolate and fruit is a no-brainer—try dipping strawberries, raspberries, apples, and bananas in cacao honey, too.
Roasting Side of Salmon
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If You're Eating: Roasted Salmon
Try: Buckwheat Honey
Carly Says: "Robust with notes of malt and molasses, this deeply-colored antioxidant-rich honey can hold its own in sweet and savory dishes. It works so beautifully when paired with maple and garlic and smothered over roasted salmon, thanks to buckwheat's bold, earthy sweetness."

Jicama, Citrus and Watercress Salad
"I like big flavors through small bites," says Steve Sicinski of this vibrant salad.
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If You're Eating: A Citrus Salad
Try: Raspberry Blossom Honey
Carly Says: "This light and crisp honey is excellent when it comes to brightening and amplifying flavors. With floral undertones and a delightfully fruity finish, raspberry blossom honey really shines when drizzled atop citrus salads, like sliced cara cara and chèvre over a bed of fresh arugula."