From a stand-out cocktail to a fast-food snack everyone wanted to try, these were the most mentioned foods on the app this year

Now that the year is coming to a close, you may be thinking back on your favorite meals, the best cocktails you tasted and the best restaurants that you tried. Foursquare is looking back on the same information (which they gathered from their userbase) and has compiled their list of the most popular, trendiest and best-loved food and drinks of the year.

You won’t be surprised to hear that after the launch of the Unicorn Frappuccino in April, Foursquare’s other app, Swarm, experiences 19 times more mentions of unicorn-themed food and drink than it had in previous months. Unicorn food was, whether you like it or not, arguably one of the biggest food trends of the year.

In June, once summer hit, Foursquare reports that mentions of negronis increased by 13 percent. As the ideal summer drink—both in flavor and color—that shouldn’t be a surprise. 2017 was also the year that the Brooklyn bar Lot 45 created a $1,000 negroni (for charity, of course).

This list wouldn’t mean anything if it didn’t include one of 2017’s breakout food stars: queso. Chipotle tried to make it—and failed. Taco Bell and Moe’s Southern Grill both already had queso on the menu, which launched a full-fledged war for cheesy supremacy between the fast-food chains. Despite the fact that Chiptole’s queso wasn’t a hit, Foursquare still saw a 61 percent increase in mentions of the snack after the fast-casual chain starting selling it in September.

Foursquare also speculates that maple may have replaced pumpkin spice as the flavor of the fall—it was mentioned nearly six times more on the app than it was last year. Starbucks might have helped boost its popularity: The coffee chain released the Maple Pecan Latte in September.

This year, more and more Foursquare users also decided to eat upscale: The app saw a 40 percent increase in mentions of Michelin stars and a 23 percent increase in mentions of Wagyu beef. Seems like more people wanted to learn about chefs, restaurants, and the industry as a whole because there was also a 14 percent increase in mentions of Emmy-nominated Netflix show Chef’s Table.

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