It's reverse-surge pricing for restaurants.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
© Gebni

Food delivery is expensive and restaurants produce a ton of food waste. These are the two problems Gebni, a new food delivery app in New York, is trying to solve. With an upcoming Uber-esque supply-and-demand algorithm, Gebni promises to adjust food prices in real time. The company believes that discount pricing during off-peak hours will both help customers save money and increase sales so that restaurants don't have to throw away as much food.

As Gebni founder Mohamed Merzouk told the website Food Tank, the app was inspired by his own excessive Seamless habit during grad school. He started thinking about ways to make food delivery more affordable, and then realized that introducing "happy hour-like pricing" might also reduce food waste.

Currently, the app simply lets restaurants adjust pricing manually. But the algorithm, set to be rolled out in coming weeks, promises to do the work automatically.