Watch these beauty experts turn to the kitchen for their cosmetics.

food on face
Credit: Jonathan Storey / Getty Images

When it comes to creative beauty routines, there’s a big difference between the amateurs and the professionals. That is to say, there’s “using an egg white mask,” and then there’s…”finding the actual chicken who laid the egg and using crafting its feathers into a tool that you can use to fill in your brows.”

Yes, that really happened.

What we’re saying is, when it comes to food-as-makeup challenges, YouTubers aren’t kidding around. Forget using a little turmeric as eye shadow; these folks are getting seriously creative, using everything from marshmallows as sponges to Skittles as face paint. YouTube star Ms. Yeah is the latest to try out the trend, with her recent video showcasing her unique ability to turn anything into makeup—from tomato sauce to rice flour to, yes, even chicken feathers.

But of course, she’s not the first on the foodie makeup scene. Here are a few of our other favorites! (Disclaimer: We certainly don’t condone wasting food, but in the name of art, we think these ultra-creative videos are worth a watch. And if you’re going to try this at home, be sure to consult a doctor first—you may be allergic to some of the stuff you choose to rub all over your face.)

Lily Lowe

With over a million views, it’s clear there’s something special about Lily Lowe’s “Full Face of Makeup Using Food” video. She “bakes” her foundation in an almost literal sense using, well, actual baking items like flour and cocoa powder, and applies blueberries to her eyelids as eye shadow. She goes on to mix peanut butter, cocoa powder, and canola oil to create a creamy brow powder, and adds blueberry to her lashes as mascara: “Colored mascaras are making a comeback!” Unfortunately, most of the items she chooses don’t blend, and she’s left with a pretty blotchy-looking complexion. Still, we appreciate the effort.


This is a bit of a different take on the makeup-as-food thing. Instead of applying fruits and veggies as makeup, Roxxsaurus uses them to apply her normal makeup. No brushes or beauty blenders here; in their place, she uses fairy cake to apply her foundation, a banana to contour, and a broccoli floret and a fuzzy peach to blend and apply highlight powder. A stalk of asparagus becomes an eyeshadow brush and a string bean becomes a lipstick applicator. Now that’s creativity.

Stephanie Lange

We like Stephanie’s attempt because she takes the whole thing very seriously and actually tries to make as beautiful a final look as possible. She uses all-purpose white flour as face powder, cocoa powder as bronzer (“I just got cocoa powder in my eye!”), crushed blueberry powder as blush, and a smear of coconut oil as highlighter. The final look is gorgeous, considering the things she used to create it.

Still, we don’t think anyone will be swapping the cosmetics department for the produce aisle anytime soon.