"I never pictured myself making edible shoes," admits cake sculptor Elisa Strauss, a former fashion designer for Polo Ralph Lauren. Strauss, who began baking asa hobby, launched Confetti Cakes about two years ago, and her creations have already become fashionista favorites. She has sculpted a stiletto for Manolo Blahnik and makeup for Bobbi Brown; her repertoire also includes a wooden sushi tray topped with shrimp and tuna sashimi made outof yellow cake with vanilla fondant frosting. Strauss offers a wide variety of flavors and fillings, such as chocolate-bourbon cake with almond buttercream, but claims that many people just can't bring themselves to eat them: "One client simply refused to allow a knife anywhere near her cake" (from $15 per guest; 212-877-9580).

--Sarah Lacamoire