Connect with food lovers for a 360-degree dining experience.

Nom app
Credit: © Nom

If you love a good Instagram food photo, you might be interested in checking out social media platform Nom, a free app for Android and iOS that goes way beyond the still image—and gives food lovers a platform to share video, photos, live streams, recipes, ingredients, notes, and chat. Launched by YouTube's co-founder Steve Chen and former head of engineering Vijay Karunamurthy, the app provides users a more 360-degree social sharing when it comes to food—both while cooking and dining.

"Nom is a place for food lovers," Chen said in a statement. "If you've ever snapped a picture of your dinner, Nom is for you. If you have a food blog and want to connect with a bigger audience, Nom is for you. If a restaurant kitchen is your office, Nom is for you."

Here's how it works: instead of just snapping a still photo or a single short video, Nom users can assemble "stories" around a meal. The social feed swipes just like other plaforms—but if you see something that sparks your interest while scrolling down, you can click into it to explore more images and videos, read notes and recipes, leave comments and suggestions, or participate in a live stream or chat.

It's not just civilians like you and me who are uploading to Nom. The team at Nom HQ have enlisted major chefs—like 3-star Michelin chef Corey Lee and Master Sommelier Yoon Ha, as well as Pastry Chef Joanne Chang, and Chefs Tim Hollingsworth, Hubert Keller, and Michael Tusk—to bring their voices, opinions, signature dishes, and mad skills to the platform.

"Collaboration is key for us at Nom," Karunamurthy said. "We worked with an incredible group of chefs, makers, and creators to build the site and app they would want to reach an audience live. Now any creative team can produce their own show. We're seeing people use Nom for coffee tastings, cooking demos, and live coverage of pop-up experiences."