We love these candies—from a 43-year-old supermarket standby to new artisanal sweets—for all their crunchy, chewy, gooey goodness.
Christopher elbow bars

1. Christopher Elbow No. 6 Dark Rocks Dark chocolate with popping candy; from a new line of 14 bars. $7 for 3.5 oz; elbowchocolates.com.

Photo © Wendell Webber

Charles Chocolates Raisies

2. Charles Chocolates Raisies Chocolate cones with tangy fruit jellies; a new sweet. $25 for 7; charleschocolates.com.

Photo © Wendell Webber

Garrison Confections Rocky Rhode Island

3. Garrison Confections Rocky Rhode Island The secret: peanut butter ganache. $5 for 4 oz; garrisonconfections.com.

Photo © Wendell Webber

Compartes Plantain Truffles

4. Compartes Plantain Truffles One of five Chocolates for a Cause. $30 for 10; compartes.com.

Photo © Wendell Webber

Jacques Torres Caramel Chocolate Popcorn

5. Jacques Torres Caramel Chocolate Popcorn An addictively salty-sweet snack. $7 for 6 oz; mrchocolate.com.

Photo © Wendell Webber

Ginger Bar

6. Green & Black’s Organic Ginger Bar Thick slices of crystallized ginger add zing. $3.50 for 3.5 oz; greenandblacks.com.

Photo © Wendell Webber

DOVE silky smooth milk chocolate

7. Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Creamy and very melt-in-the-mouth. $2 for 3.5 oz; dovechocolate.com.

Photo courtesy of DOVE® Chocolate

Recchiuti confections s'mores bites

8. Recchiuti Confections S’Mores Bites Ultrafresh marshmallows are fabulous. $8 for 4; recchiuti.com.

Photo © Tom Seawell; Seawell Photography

Nestle 100 Grand Bar

9. Nestlé 100 Grand Bar Caramel and crispy rice wrapped in chocolate; a sentimental favorite. $1 for 1.5 oz; nestleusa.com.

Photo courtesy of Nestlé Confections & Snacks, Division of Nestlé USA

Scharffen Berger Semisweet Nibby Bars

10. Scharffen Berger Semisweet Nibby Bars Cacao nibs add crunch. $5 for 3 oz; scharffenberger.com.

Photo courtesy of Scharffen Berger