Cork: The Eco Pioneer

Organic Mission

Former environmental lawyer and eco-friendly builder Darryl Joannides constructed Cork, his two-year-old wine shop, in a suitably “green” fashion, using salvaged materials and nontoxic paint. A similar philosophy extends to the wine selection: Joannides fills his shelves with mostly organic, biodynamic and sustainably produced bottlings from small wineries. He’s also a big supporter of Oregon’s LIVE (Low Input Viticulture & Enology) program, which encourages sustainable farming and offers consumers information about the wineries that observe such practices.

Eco-Wine and Chocolate

Joannides loves chocolate, and the store features an impressive selection that includes Fair Trade confections from Theo in Seattle and truffles from Portland’s own Alma and DePaula—which the Cork staff likes to pair with port. 2901 NE Alberta St.; 503-281-2675 or