By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 29, 2015
© David Malosh

Like jaywalking? But do you like it as much as free pizza? Police in Denver hope a new initiative that has them handing out gift cards for pizza will encourage people to follow the law.

Today, the Denver Police Department is launching what they call the “You Got Caught Doing Something Right” campaign. Officers who see people doing things like using crosswalks and walking their bikes in designated areas will be given one of 500 gift cards worth $10 at Papa Johns.

“This is a program that we think is extremely important and doing the right thing is something that a lot of times people don’t get acknowledged for,” said Police Chief Robert White according to CBS Denver. The department even released a YouTube video showing off what the program will look like in action.

Getting stopped by police officers just to get a receive a card for a free pizza will probably be a big surprise for local residents, especially those local legal stoners who are walking around so high they literally have no idea what just happened. Seriously, can you explain it to them? Why did a cop just give them a free pizza, dude?!