Newly arrived in Boston, a fashion insider and her daughter, Daisy, hit the flower market to plan a party

Ashley Richardson has had many incarnations: as a model, a ballet dancer and now a style arbiter for the red-hot Calypso, a clothing store on every fashionista's list, including mine! She always seems to know how to put outfits together in an unexpected, chic way. This fall Calypso hit Boston, and Ashley, manager of the new operation, moved to a loft in the South End with her six-year-old daughter, Daisy. After painting the walls and staining the floors, Ashley bought a secondhand butcher-block table from a restaurant supplier. (As the sister of a chef, she had all the best resources to find this kind of stuff.)

Recently, Ashley and Daisy decided to throw a mother- daughter "princess party" to welcome their new friends to the loft. The two set off at 6:30 A.M. for the Flower Exchange, a few blocks away. Daisy picked out tiny roses, which ended up inside wire shoes. (Ashley bought one of the shoes 10 years ago in New York City at Urban Outfitters; a friend gave her the mate some years later.) Then Ashley arranged calla lilies in glass vases that she had wrapped with tall grasses.