The first issue of this tasty, high-stakes tale from writer Joseph Keatinge and artist Wook Jin Clark is set to release May 16.

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flavor comic close up drawing
Credit: Courtesy of Wook Jin Clark / Tamra Bonvillain /  Image Comics

A new series from Image Comics turns culinary artists into big names and cooking into The Hunger Games. The Portland-based comic book and graphic novel publisher is perhaps best known for its widely popular (and adapted for television) series The Walking Dead, as well as series like Saga, Kick-Ass, and Rat Queens. But over the years, the third-largest comics publisher in the U.S. has accumulated a small shelf of critically-praised reader favorites who use food as their main storytelling ingredient. That includes writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory’s Eisner award-winning Chew, which centers on a Food and Drug Administration agent who relies on psychic impressions from food to help solve crimes. The Beef, the story of a mild-mannered meat factory worker in love with strawberry picker Mary Lynn, and the new, sweetly sinister series of one-shots known as Ice Cream Man are also among Image Comics’ history of noteworthy food-centric tales.

image comics food themed book flavor
Credit: Courtesy of Wook Jin Clark / Tamra Bonvillain /  Image Comics

In May, the publisher will officially release yet another tasty addition to the Image family: Flavor. Shutter writer Joseph Keatinge and Adventure Time: The Flip Side artist Wook Jin Clark take readers behind the walls of a strange city, where food and those who cook it are prized. In this Hunger Games-esque world, there is no more ultimate celebrity than a chef nor a more valued commodity than food. But this place of unique culinary celebration is drenched in mystery, and the underage, unlicensed chef named Xoo is about to uncover it. When she does, the entire place may come crumbling down.

Flavor is a book with a lot of ingredients; we’re cooking up a comic unlike anything else I've collaborated on before,” said Keatinge. “I’ve long desired to work with each and every person on this creative team, and I could not be happier with the results.”

Colorist Tamra Bonvillain, letterer Ariana Maher and designer Rich Tommaso are also part of the team responsible for bringing Flavor to life. And to help make the comic a truly lush, delectable adventure, the group brought on Ali Bouzari, the author behind the award-winning Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food cookbook, as a culinary consultant.

The first issue of Flavor is set to release on Wednesday, May 16 and will be available in comic book stores and through Image Comics online.