Dogfish Head's Dragons & YumYums beer will arrive inside a limited-edition translucent record on National Record Store Day.

the flaming lips
Credit: David Wolff - Patrick / Getty Images

While the difficult to categorize psych-rock band The Flaming Lips are no stranger to things that are strange, the Oklahoma City-based band behind an EP inside a life-sized gummy skull, a mix packaged in an anatomically accurate dark chocolate heart, and a signature $106 rye whiskey has somehow yet to release a product incorporating beer. That is, until later this month, when they'll join craft brewer Dogfish Head to finally release not one, but two beer-based items into the world.

First, there's the Dogfish Head "Dragons & YumYums" beer, which the band/brewer team first announced last November, and has just officially been given a release date of late March. Dogfish Head CEO Sam Calagione says that of all the brewer's collaborations, the Lips were the most hands-on he'd ever experienced, saying the band was "deeply involved in the creation of the beer, the ingredients that were chosen, as well as authoring a song made specifically in tribute of the beer.”

But much, much weirder is that the band is also releasing a limited edition 7" vinyl called "The Story of Yum Yum and Dragon," which features two new songs inspired by the beer for Record Store Day, April 21. And at special events around the country leading up to the day, the band will be offering 100 translucent versions of the record that are actually filled with the beer.

The songs themselves tell the story of dragonfruit and yumberries, two of the ingredients in the beer—and by extension, 100 of the vinyl LPs. The 6.5% ABV beer will also include passionfruit, pear juice, and black carrot juice, and is described by Dogfish Head as "intensely tropical—yet subtlety bitter—pale ale." With the extra bonus of label artwork from artist Marq Spusta, this collaboration certainly seems worthy of the band's weirdness.