You Don't Have to Be Ready for Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew, But It's Happening

You know what? Fine. Let's do this.

Mtn Dew, the citrusy soft drink that stands out from the lemon-and-lime crowd by going caffeinated, has its fervent fans. So, too, do the more recently introduced Flamin' Hot style of Cheetos corn snacks, which ditch the classic cheesy powder for a spicy, bright red coating. Why not mix them together and see who your true fans are?

Today, PepsiCo and its subsidiary Frito-Lay announced a crossover that the inventor of the phrase "corporate synergy" could never have imagined. Starting August 31, Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew will go on sale at one place only: The Dew Store. Yes, that's the online marketplace where Dew doers can buy Hawaiian shirts and skate decks, among other branded products.

MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot
Courtesy of Mountain Dew

The limited run will be available while supplies last. However, speaking of merch, if you're itching to get your hands on some Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew swag, an official collaboration with Broken Promises will see a capsule collection launch to the public on September 4. (Mtn Dew encourages interested parties to follow the brand's social media accounts for updates.)

"As a brand, Dew has a rich history of experimenting with new flavors our fans love. We certainly had them in mind when we developed the Flamin' Hot beverage," Matt Nielsten, Sr. Director, Marketing, said. "This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we're excited for Dew Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor of Mtn Dew."

Frito-Lay has been on a bit of a crossover kick as of late. Earlier this summer, the company used some of its most famous product flavors to dress up its classic Lay's potato chips. A limited run of Cool Ranch Doritos Lay's, Funyuns Lays, and, of course, Cheetos Lay's are currently in stores now.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos ice cream also hit Marble Slab Creameries this summer. If spice isn't the kind of kick you're looking for in your Mtn Dew, the soda brand has officially released alcoholic Hard Mtn Dew flavors.

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