For all those moments you can't drink rosé.

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rose stuff rose perfume and other body products
Credit: Courtesy of Kelly & Jones, LLC

There's no point in arguing: Rosé has become the drink of the summer. It comes frozen in a glass, and you can get it in ice cream. It’s combined with chocolate to create the ultimate pink dessert. If you want to eat rosé for breakfast, you can spread it on toast in jelly form. Just like the taste? There are even rosé-flavored gummy bears. People want to eat it and drink it, and let it melt in their mouths any possible way they can. All forms of rosé are good forms of rosé.

Unfortunately, it is not always practical to drink rosé. When you’re exercising, taking a shower, or at work, you might not want to run the risk of getting tipsy on pink wine (although, on second thought, those all sound like great times to drink rosé). But if your obsession with this beverage knows no bounds, and you just can’t live without smelling that floral, sweet, summery scent every moment of your day, there are a few products out there that will indulge your love of rosé, letting you smell like the year’s trendiest drink all day everyday.

Rosé Perfume

rose stuff rose perfume and other body products
Credit: Courtesy of Kelly & Jones, LLC

Fragrance company Kelly + Jones released their line wine-scented perfumes this summer, including Notes of Rosé, which they say is reminiscent of a “Provence style rosé,” and apparently smells “clean and fresh,” with hints of “light pink currant.”

Rosé Candle

Yes Way Rosé's first candle
Yes Way Rosé's first candle
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Yes Way Rosé released this scented soft pink candle called Eau de Rosé Vibes back in May, when people were starting to catch on that rosé was about to take over just about every wannabe-trendy Instagram account, bar, and restaurant in the country. It’s infused with the scent of rose petals and white musk, and the color matches their partner Summer Water, a dry, citrusy (actual) rosé.

Rosé Facial

Ruffino Wines, which created a sparkling rosé made from Glera, the grape used to make prosecco, and pinot noir, teamed up with SKINNEY Medspa to develop this rosé-inspired facial. The spa incorporates the taste of rosé into the treatment, which is infused with Vitamin-C-rich strawberries and rose petals.

Rosé Deodorant

rose deodorant
Credit: Courtesy of Zenlen, Inc

Native Cosmetics created an off-beat series of deodorants called the Brunch Scents. That’s three deodorants that smell like rosé, sangria, and mimosa. They’re made without aluminum and parabens, too. Perfect if you want to smell like a hung-over Sunday morning every day.

Rosé Shower Gel & Lotion

body wash and scrub rose
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Bath and Body Works' rosé Champagne shower gel and body cream (still available on Amazon) lets you slather your whole body in pink wine, and apparently leaves you smelling of apple blossoms and clementines. The peachy, dusty-rose packaging it comes in doesn’t hurt your chances of falling in love with it, either.