Michelin announced its 2018 guide to the city today, and for one iconic restaurant, there was little reason to celebrate.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten Perfume Menu
Credit: © Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images / Getty Images

The Michelin Guide, one of the most revered restaurant guides in the world will go on sale this Friday, and people—chefs, restaurant owners, and dedicated eaters everywhere—are clambering to find out the results. Will the restaurants that made the cut last year be once again considered the best in the city? The best in the world? It’s a point of pride, a sign of ambition, creativity, style, and a coveted prize for many restaurants (except, of course, to those that have decided to slough off the incredible pressure and exceptions that come with appearing in the guide by returning their Michelin stars). For one restaurant that has long been a staple of New York City, today's announcement was likely a disappointment. Here is that news, plus four more surprising takeaways from the release of the new guide.

Jean-Georges loses one of its stars

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s flagship restaurant now has two stars, instead of three. It held that top ranking since 2006, when the first New York City guide was published, according to the New York Times. The guide now states that while Jean-Georges is “worth a detour,” it’s not “worth a special trip.”

San Francisco takes top honors

With seven three-star restaurants, the California city most associated with the tech industry now has more of these restaurants than New York City, which can only boast five: Per Se, Masa, Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park, and Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare.

New York City has the most starred Japanese restaurants (outside of Japan)

There are a total of 15 Japanese restaurants in the New York City Michelin guide, including three one-star restaurants. Masa—perhaps the most famous sushi restaurant in the world—received three stars this year.

Le Coucou did not receive any stars

This popular spot, which received three stars from The New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells, still hasn’t earned any Michelin stars. Michael Ellis, the international director of the Michelin guide, said only that it is “doing very well.”

A Mexican restaurant has ascended the rankings

This news is from San Francisco, but it’s worth including: Californios, a Mexican restaurant in the city, is the first in the United States to receive two Michelin stars.