Credit: © Natural Machines

We keep hearing that 3D printing is the future. It looks like the future has finally arrived, because we will finally be able to eat at a pop-up serving entirely 3D-printed food.

This year’s 3D Printshow London, held between May 21 and May 23, will feature a Michelin-starred chef serving up an entirely 3D-printed menu. “The gastro-revolution continues not only to find new ways to present and prepare our food, but new state-of-the-art ways to create it,” said Kerry Hogarth, founder of 3D Printshow. “From 3D-printed chocolate machines for customized party food to micro-engineered nutritional prints, we’ve been slowly edging towards the synthesis of entire meals.” Though the chef and his staff are guarding most details about the menu, one item we know they will serve is a 3D-printed globe that doubles as an actual map of the world.

Those who really want to get deep into 3D-printed food can also attend a seminar on May 22 called “Press Print to Eat,” where attendees will learn how to make 3D-printed recipes.

But tickets for 3D Printshow London are available. I don’t think you even need a 3D printer to print them out.