Put your dentist on speed dial, because your sweet tooth is about to go into overdrive.

lollipop goblet
Credit: Courtesy of Sugar Factory

If you loved the Museum of Ice Cream (which is still open in Miami by the way) then you’re probably going to love a new attraction created by the mad geniuses behind the Sugar Factory coming to New York City this summer: The Museum of Candy.

The Museum of Candy is exactly what it sounds like: 30,000-square-feet of candy-coated goodness. You’ll find a candy cane fashion show, a candy café where you can watch the gummy bear making process in action, and the Candy Memory Lane, where you can learn about the history of the candy industry starting from the 1900s. The museum will have 15 candy-themed rooms total and accommodate the world’s largest gummy bear and a candy-encrusted unicorn. And yes, it promises, just like its ice cream-themed predecessor, to be completely Instagram-worthy.

“We drew inspiration from all of our guests at Sugar Factory taking pictures at our life-size Candy Dot wall and with our over-the-top food and drinks,” Sugar Factory Founder Charissa Davidovici said in a statement.

She also added that the museum was born out of her “personal dreams about a magical candy land,” making her the Willy Wonka of the modern era.

king kong sundae
Credit: Courtesy of The Food Network

Sugar Factory will open the Museum of Candy in the old Limelight Club space. You won’t just be looking at—and learning about—candy. Tickets will include multiple candy and dessert tastings, and the museum will also feature a restaurant which will offer the 24-scoop King Kong Sundae on the menu, an outdoor café, where you’ll find Pop-Tarts, doughnuts, milkshakes, and coffee, and what it’s calling “a dessert marketplace” where more than 20 candy companies will give demonstrations and sell candy by the pound.

caramel sugar daddy cheesecake milkshake
Credit: Courtesy of Sugar Factory

If you’re feeling inspired to actually make some sweets of your own after your visit, the marketplace will also feature a shop to buy your own baking and decorating tools, and candy molds.

No word yet on the exact opening date of the museum, except that it will be arriving this summer. You can find more information about when tickets will go on sale at the Museum of Candy website.