If you don't have a dog but like being surrounded by them, this place is for you, too


Attention, people who cry every time you tie your dog to a pole outside of the café: We have news that is very relevant to your interests.

At the end of January, New York is getting its very first dog café, according to an update from GrubStreet on the highly anticipated opening of Boris & Horton. The gourmet dog-friendly hangout, located at East 12th Street and Avenue A, will be fully operational by the end of the month. But don't get it twisted—this isn't just a dog version of a cat café, which already exists in New York. The energy will be completely different.

"We’re shooting for a different look and feel than the cat café,” owner Logan Mikhly tells GrubStreet. “We want it to feel as much as possible like your typical coffee shop, but you have the added benefit of hanging out with your dog.” It will be the kind of place you go to grab a coffee, glass of wine or small snack ... and can casually bring your pup inside, no questions asked. If you don't have a dog but like being surrounded by them, we've found your new happy hour spot.

Mikhly, who owns the café with her father, Coppy Holzman, named the place after their two dogs: Boris (pitbull mix) and Horton (poodle-chihuahua mix). As a loving tribute, all of the drinks will be stenciled with Boris or Horton’s face on them.

The café will serve pastries from Balthazar and Bien Cuit, as well as gluten-free treats from Husk Bakeshop. And all staff members will be trained by the School for Dogs to anticipate (and handle) any bad doggie behavior issues that may arise.

"A lot of people like dogs [but] because of their circumstances can't have one—so this is a dog-friendly place," Holzman told DNAInfo last year. "It's like basically going to someone's nice living room with your dog, and it's adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee."