Credit: © AlSimonov / Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Peeps Oreos are so last week! Sure Easter hasn’t even arrived yet, but the sandwich cookie market has got to work months ahead of the holiday calendar to stay on top of things. On to Independence Day! That’s the idea behind a supposed offering from Nabisco’s iconic snack brand, Firework Oreos, featuring popping candy in the creme.

Okay, so the “newest” Oreo flavor is only a rumor being fanned by the Instagram account The Junk Food Aisle who regularly post supposed leaked packaging of new products. According to the post, the Firework Oreos will be a limited edition run (similar to other holiday flavors in the past). Apparently the account was tipped off a while back but say this is more official proof. “I mocked these up a few months ago when word first got out but this is a more official look at the packaging.”

The addition of what would essentially be generic-brand Pop Rocks actually sounds kind of fun, and is reminiscent of chocolate and taffy that already fold them in for a tingly effect. The aforementioned Peeps Oreos have large sugar crystals in the pink, marshmallow-flavored creme, so the move to add a little more texture to the cookie wouldn’t be unprecedented.

Oreo has come out with some pretty delicious and downright ridiculous flavors in recent months. Everything from Cotton Candy to Pumpkin Spice to Swedish Fish have been honored with cookie-fication. The brand also collaborated with Milka on a line of candy bars. And to keep the kitschy flavor train a-runnin’, we could also be seeing a Jelly Donut flavor in the near future as well.

We reached out to Nabisco and the Oreo Wonder Vault for comment and they wouldn’t confirm or deny the existence of the explosive new cookie. I guess we still have a little time before July 4th treats should be hitting shelves. Maybe by St. Patrick’s Day!