And you could create the sandwich cookie’s next crazy flavor.

firework oreos
Credit: Corutesy of OREOs

When we first heard the rumors that Oreo would be releasing a “Firework” cookie with popping candy (think generic Pop Rocks) inside, we were curious about how it would feel to have our beloved treats exploding as we ate them. Luckily we got an advance package of the festive cookies and had some of our team give the a taste so that you know exactly what to expect. As it turns out, much like actual fireworks, they’re relatively enjoyable and kind of fun for while.

While Oreo has experimented with some weird flavors before (waffles anyone?), the Firework Oreos are basically your classic cream-filled cookie. There’s no real taste difference, just a slight gritty texture from the popping candies in the frosting, although not as grainy as the sugar-laced Peeps Oreos from this Easter. All in all, it doesn’t seem any different than a regular old Oreo… at first.

After you chew for a bit, the popping candies begin to dissolve and fizzle in your mouth, sometimes for just a few second and sometimes, we found, for minutes afterward. And if you don’t hate Pop Rocks (or joy), it’s a surprisingly enjoyable addition to an already delicious cookie.

Reactions from our staff were as varied as:

But the general consensus remained that Oreos are darn good alone and popping candy is a just a fun new way to enjoy them even more.

We shouldn’t be surprised Oreo has added a cult favorite candy to the cream filling. Previous flavors have included Swedish Fish, Peeps and Candy Corn. But if you think you want to try your hand at making up an insane sandwich cookie flavor, you’re in luck. Oreo is also launching the My Oreo Creation Contest, which will allow you to submit your own insane ideas and possible win a cool half a million dollars for them. If that’s your thing, you can post your flavor to Instagram or Twitter and tag it #MyOreoCreation and #Contest. And to inspire your creativity, grab a bag of Firework Oreos, which are available now.