Get the "his" or "her" version of the costume for under $50.

fireball costumes
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Have you always wanted to be the literal embodiment of cheap, chest burning hotness for Halloween? Now you can courtesy of these his and hers Fireball whiskey costumes.

In the modern era of Halloween and costume party dress, two types of outfits reign supreme: the clever and the sexy. With the help of online retailers like Amazon and eBay, connoisseurs of the cinnamon spirit (a favorite of tailgaters and underage college parties alike) can be both.

With this true embodiment of "you are what you consume," you can be the talk (and drink) of the Halloween party as the spicy, less-than-premium grade whiskey for no more than $50.

Go as the bottle itself in the "his" version (though it's also wearable for women) with the bottle-shaped foam cutout. Just slip it over your head, and you'll be secured all around through its foam backing. Wear as much or as little under it as you want (and depending on how much Fireball you drink, that may become a factor).

The "hers" version, which goes for slightly less, is much of what you'd expect: a form-fitting mini-dress in the labeling style of the well-known drink. It comes with a luster-y pillbox hat and a color-coordinated choker. You'll have to get the matching shoes on your own though. You can also buy it as a couples costume, but, to be clear, there's no hard and fast rule on which person has to wear which outfit.

Wearing this costume does beg the question: Will you be handed shots of Fireball all night? Or will people realize that's tantamount to whiskey cannibalism and leave you alone? In the latter case, this might be the one Fireball purchase you won't regret the next morning. And if cinnamon whiskey isn't your thing, you can always go for another (totally unnecessarily) sexy food Halloween costume.