By Clara Olshansky
Updated September 18, 2015

Sticking your finger directly into a Nutella jar has never been acceptable in polite society. So social graces must be the inspiration behind these little biscuits, are like tiny, sugary hats for your fingers specially designed to serve your straight from the jar needs. Conceived by Italian designer Paolo Ulian, these cookies aren't actually available buy just yet, but they totally should be.

Beyond just devising creative ways to finger scoop spreads, Ulian's designed many other clever products that also combine things in ways you never knew you needed. Among his designs is a convertible kitchen knife that can be serrated or smooth—for bread or salami as Ulian puts it, in true Italian fashion. He's also designed a postcard that works as a water bottle and another that lets you send someone a slice of toast bread. And, for winos on the go, he's created an adhesive wine label that doubles as a handle.

In our minds though, these finger cookies are the best of the bunch. Just be careful not to bite your finger. <