Finally You Will Be Able to Get a Box of Nothing But the Burnt Cheez-Its You Crave

Photo: © Kristoffer Tripplaar / Alamy

Any diehard Cheez-It fan knows the pleasure of digging into the box and pulling out an elusive burnt little square. Far from a bad thing, those brown edges signal to your taste buds that you're about to reach cheese cracker nirvana. Many have undoubtedly dreamed of a day when Cheez-It would release a box of only the burnt crackers.

Well, now those dreams are answered. Earlier this week on Vine, the brand teased a "top secret" new project called Cheez-It Extra Toasty. A Kellogg representative confirmed to us that, yes, this product is exactly what you think it is: a box of nothing but wonderfully overcooked Cheez-Its.

"Fun fact," said Dick Podiak, senior director of Cheez-It marketing, "the most requested new flavor from people who call into our customer hotline is to add an 'extra toasty' flavor. We know that people literally dig through the box to get to the extra toasty ones. People have requested we make 'extra toasty' a flavor for almost 10 years, so, we added it to our Cheez-It family." So there you have it. Remember this moment the next time you feel your voice is going unheard.

So how does Cheez-It do it? Is every batch of crackers going to be sorted to find only the coveted burnt ones, like picking the finest grapes from a vine? Not exactly. "Basically, the crackers are cooked just a little bit longer than our regular Cheez-It crackers," Podiak said. That means they have had this technology all along and have heretofore deprived us. But better late than never.

Cheez-It Extra Toasty is set to ship nationally on May 18. Will those burnt snacks still taste as good when they're no longer a rare anomaly? We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully we haven't flown too close to the sun on this one—though flying too close to the sun would make our wings deliciously extra toasty!

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