By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 25, 2015
Credit: © Mail a Spud

If mailing someone a bag of questionable gummies is a little crude for your taste, here’s another fun prank-by-mail you can play on a friend. A company called Mail a Spud will send anyone in the US a potato on your behalf via the US Postal Service for just 10 bucks.

Part of what makes the prospect of sending potatoes to people so alluring is that Mail a Spud promises, “No box. No envelope. Just a potato and some stamps.” Though mailing someone a spud might be a joke, the way the company does it is completely serious. They literally write the recipient’s address on the side of a 10- to 12-ounce Russet potato, cover it in stamps and then, for some reason, the Postal Service supposedly has no qualms about making sure it arrives at its destination, despite the absence of a box or any other sort of packaging.

Mail a Spud does openly admit that mailing potatoes could be seen as a waste of food, even though they are “bringing more awareness to the beauty of the potato.” That said, the company also claims that one of the reasons they chose to mail potatoes is because they “hold up amazingly well when being shipped across the country.” So I guess it’s up to you whether you feel comfortable baking up your spud after its long and arduous journey.

The good news is Mail a Spud seems to be making a name for themselves just in time for April Fools’ Day. Though if you’re going to spend $9.99 sending someone a potato in the mail when even Mail a Spud admits that you could do it yourself, then maybe the joke's on you? But it’s a fun joke, either way.